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About InkLink Charitable Trust

Dedicated for creating better World

Our Unique registration id in NGO Darpan/NITIAyog: TN/2019/0237268

InkLink Charitable Trust is a registered, Non-profit organization registered under public charitable trust. The charitable trust is working with underprivileged children, adolescent young adults and underprivileged women to empower them through various creative workshops, skill development training, recycling training, training on sustainable dignified livelihood and after school education. Our work model has been planned by multidisciplinary creative intellect minds and follow a pedagogy to teach the underprivileged children, young adults and women. We are working in the line of "Swatch Bharat" and spreading education on upcycling plastic waste & textile waste. 

Our Vision:






Sustainable livelihood

Since 2014, we are working in Kannaginagar, tsunami settlement which is a very infamous area of Chennai. The settlement has more than 80,000 people living in without decent livelihood opportunity. The constant gang wars, violence and narcotic menace have made the area notorious. The major vulnerable are the children and the single women who want to raise their children in a decent way. We have started the project #changeKannaginagar and we have planned to make a change in next 10 years. There are change-making instances when the children continue to go to school with the scholarships that we provide and women get artisanal jobs after our skill development training. 

we need to go along way though and for that we need everyone's help!

Support us!

Join us!

Together we can make a better world with empathy and equal opportunity.

Our Changemaking Works 

1. Publications

UNICEF Collaboration

In collaboration with UNICEF Chennai, we have made illustrated awareness book for children in the form of comic book. The children of Kannaginagar, under the guidance of Dr. Kaustav Sengupta have made illustrations to tell the other children how to be safe from COVID 19 , maintain hygiene, preventive measures, "Stigma & Discrimination" and other related issues. 

1.  Awareness book on "Understanding of the Novel Corona Virus" in a comic book format.

                                                                                                         Published in Tamil & English

2.  Awareness book on "STIGMA & DISCRIMINATION" during COVID 19" in a comic book format

                                                                                                    Published in Tamil, Hindi & English

3.  Awareness book on "CYBER SAFETY" during COVID 19" in a comic book format

4. Awareness book on "Parenting Tips: talk to your children during COVID 19" 

5.  Awareness quiz game on "Stigma & Discrimination" during COVID 19

InkLink Charitable Trust

Empowerment I Education I Empathy I Environment

Project: Children for Children

We have created 'Social awareness comics' by various young aspiring artists, under our Art-Internship program , called as "InkLink- Children for Children ". This initiative aims to spread awareness on various youth issues which are prevalent and are major hindrances for their future growths . Some of the issues like mental health issues are kept under the carpets and some of us are in constant denials about this grave issue. So our young interns have created awareness comics on this issue along with other issues like environmental issues , addiction issues etc. 

 This initiative had been mentored by Ms. Shaswati Sengupta.

The followings are the downloadable comics in pdf formats.

Please feel free to download and share widely to spread awareness.

1.  "Take The step before it is too late- Reach Out"

       (Comic book on Bullying & Mental Health)       

2.  Social media addiction 

       ( booklet on social media addiction & its harmful effects)       

3.  "Back in Time"

       (Comic book on anti-addiction      

4.  "Washed away"

       (Comic book  about environmental awareness on water wastage       

2. Ground works

Project: Avartaan

Plastic waste is the number one pollutant and harmful for our environment. In urban area, single used plastic always end up in landfill or clog the waterways. Our city Chennai generates 429 tons of plastic waste daily. Most of the thrown out plastic can be repurposed and upcycled. And when it helps the underprivileged women a way forward to acquire skill, the initiative becomes a change making itself. Inklink Charitable Trust had successfully trained underprivileged women from crime affected area, on upcycling plastic waste and making utility products. Sabic India Pvt. Ltd. supported this women empowerment project which was conceptualized in the line of swatch Bharat & sustainability.

IMPACT : 365 women at risk directly impacted 

and more than 1000 women got inspired to work


Art Kannaginagar

Kannaginagar is an infamous tsunami settlement where crime and violence are high. To lessen the stigma and to spread awareness that children are facing wrong discrimination, this project was conceptualized. The first ever community drive in Kannaginagar, through art with 40 children in need, in collaboration with Kannaginagar Police boys & girls club. The art exhibition took place in NIFT Chennai and city dignitaries appreciated the paintings of children. Media, News paper widely covered this initiative which helped to
de-stigmatized Kannaginagar and to build self worth to the less privileged children. It was such a memorable initiative where we witnessed the change of the children! The project impacted hundreds of children to be proud of themselves and also to live with dignity in Kannaginagar.

IMPACT:  More that 100 children were impacted through the project.

PLEASE DONATE us to continue making Kannaginagar

a better place where children will be able to go to school

and the women at risk can restart their lives

in a dignified way. 

Donors will get tax benefit .

For online DONATION

Kindly NEFT/ bank transfer to below account

Every rupee counts, kindly donate.


 Account number: 186001000004862

 IFSC: IOBA0001860

 Bank: Indian Overseas Bank

 Branch: Kelambakkam, GandhiNagar, 

               District-Chengalpattu, TN - 603103

All donations are eligible for tax benefit.

We will issue 80G and mail you in your provided e mail id.

 (Please furnish your PAN details if you are donating above INR 20,000/-) 

 **Please note: We only accept DONATION from India.

You can also support by providing the followings :
1. art materials: drawing copies, colors, brushes, canvases.
2. copies and stationery
3. education sponsorship- take care of one child's education till 12th std & beyond.
4. school bags, water bottles, books, school utilities. 

5. Donating sewing kits, sewing machines. 

6. Promoting our work to the corporate offices.

7. Collborate for CSR activities


Thank You for helping !


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